Smart Plant Production in Controlled Environments

This program will take advantage of electronics, sensors, and automation in a facility aimed at the promotion of controlled environments urban farming, and high-technology plant conservation in controlled environments.

The facility will integrate the concepts of vertical farming, resource-efficient farming, and engineered microclimates. It is envisioned to be composed of outdoor greenhouses with one big structure serving as the main building. The main structure will house a living laboratory - a museum of sorts where visitors can see the various technologies; and a produce store where visitors can buy fresh vegetables grown onsite.

More than showing efficiency in food production the program aims to remove the visual of farming as a labor-intensive, backbreaking type of work. SPICE showcases all available technologies to provide food crops that are organic, easier to grow, use less water and energy, and grow faster and healthier.
Department of Science and Technology
Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development
University of the Philippines
University of the Philippines
Los Baños
Institute of Biology
University of the Philippines Diliman
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute
University of the Philippines
Institute of Plant Breeding
University of the Philippines
Los Baños

Project 1: Standalone Urban Farm

A fully controllable environment with climate control system, artificial light system, irrigation control system, and real-time monitoring.

Project 2: Sensor-based Monitoring and Analytics for Smart Hydroponics (SMASH)

An integrated Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks (WSAN) for hydroponics with data analytics backend.

Project 3: Urban Plant Production using Soilless Culture Technology

Demonstration models for soilless cultivation and promotion of soilless culture technology.

Project 4: Ex-Situ Conservation through Micropropagation and Cryopreservation of Native Plant Species

In vitro cultures of at least six forest tree species and Germplasm collection.